The Voice of Montana’s DUI Victims

Our goal is to eliminate deaths from impaired driving.  ZERO DUI DEATHS

The challenge is to change behaviors which are a part of Montana culture

Driving under the influence is a complex problem and the solutions are multifaceted

HB 206  Allow passenger to have open container  OPPOSE            Daniel Zolnikov (R) HD 45        House Judiciary  January 17, 8:00

HB 144  Generally revise motor vehicle laws   SUPPORT   Zach Brown  (D) HD 63 House Transportation  January 18, 3:00 PM

HB 94  PSO qualifications and training (Impacts monitoring providers who are not POST certified officers)  SUPPORT with amendments  Frank Garner  (R) HD 7  House Judiciary pending amendments and action

HB 133  Generally revise sentencing laws  [Youth court, CE, DUI, Underage DUI, license suspensions]  [CONCERN–watch for amendments]  Nate McConnell  (D) HD 89 [Judiciary]  House Judiciary  Pending amendments and action

HB 111  Revising laws related to minor in possession data  Ryan Lynch  (D) HD 76  Passed House Judiciary  2nd reading Jan 16

HB 146  Revising temporary roadblock laws   SUPPORT   Daniel Zolnikov (R) HD 45           House Transportation  Pending Action

SB 90 Remove mandatory jail for driving on suspended or revoked license  Nels Swandal  (R) SD 30  Senate Judiciary  Pending action

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