The Voice of Montana’s DUI Victims

Our goal is to eliminate deaths from impaired driving.  ZERO DUI DEATHS

The challenge is to change behaviors which are a part of Montana culture

Driving under the influence is a complex problem and the solutions are multifaceted.


Bill Link Description Sponsor Status
HB 488 Enhance civil penalty for refusal; clean up penalties for repeat DUI offenders Keith Regier Passed House 88-12 Headed to House Appropriations. This bill is important to correct sentencing inconsistencies and will increase revenue from DUI offenders.  PASS!!
HB 491 Generally revise 24/7 laws. Steve Lavin Passed the House 88-9  Senate Highways and Transportation 3/19/15  This bill is important to define repeat offender.  PASS!!
HB 111 Revise sentencing for felony DUI


Keith Regier Passed Senate Judiciary 9-3. Referred to Senate Finance 3/17/15.  This is a great bill to help felony DUI offenders get sober and stay sober.  PASS!
SB 93 Revise laws related to DUI convictions and restricted-use driving permit Pat Connell Passed House Judiciary 14-7,  Headed to the House floor. Do we want DUI offenders from other states coming here to get a driver’s license?               DO NOT PASS!!
HB 412 Generally revise minor in possession laws Daniel Zolnikov Concurred Senate Judiciary 6-5  Headed to the Senate floor.  This will prevent a minor or the person transporting the minor from being charged MIP if seeking medical care.   Presented for your consideration.
SB 400 Create the offense of refusal to submit to a blood or breath test. Roger Webb Senate Judiciary 3/17/15  A person who refuses to provide a specimen for testing can be fined and jailed.  PASS!
HB 132 Authorize disbursement of unspent funds for DUI taskforce Frank Garner Passed House and Senate.  Headed to the Governor!  This bill will help to fund prevention.  PASSED!!
SB 26 Clarifying laws regarding electronic submitting of search warrants Nels Swandal Signed by the Governor!!  This will improve process for obtaining warrants for specimen collection in DUI arrests.
HB 214 Strengthen enforcement and penalties for offenders who drive a water vessel while under the influence “Doc” Moore Tabled in House Judiciary  This will hold drivers of watercraft who drive under the influence accountable for their actions.  PASS!
HB 202 Allow for optional DUI prevention contribution on vehicle registration Bryce Bennett Passed House 73-21,  Tabled in House Appropriations.  This will provide funds for prevention. PASS!
SB 315 Make a third DUI a felony offense Roger Webb Tabled in Senate Judiciary   Repeat offenders will be able to get treatment sooner.  PASS!!
SB 357 Generally revise DUI laws Cynthia Wolken Tabled in Senate Judiciary This will include child criminal endangerment as a stacking offense for felony DUI.  PASS!

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