The Voice of Montana’s DUI Victims

Our goal is to eliminate deaths from impaired driving.  ZERO DUI DEATHS

The challenge is to change behaviors which are a part of Montana culture

Driving under the influence is a complex problem and the solutions are multifaceted

SB 280 will require interlock restricted license for DUI 1 and underage DUI offenders. The bill was heard in House Judiciary.   Please send support to your representatives!  

Please note that this bill does not replace 24/7.  24/7 is a more intense behavior change strategy aimed at repeat offenders.  An interlock is aimed at First DUI and underage DUI offenders who are not currently part of 24/7.

For more information on ignition interlocks, please visit

HB 133:    We support this bill as amended.  There are many strategies to save lives shattered and lost to DUI crashes.  We appreciate the focus on CD treatment in this bill.  Monitoring offenders using interlock and 24/7 is critical to prevent DUI recidivism but offenders with moderate to severe chemical dependency need treatment as well.

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